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Red red wine

Red red wine

Red red wine

As the dry red wine
Flows slowly on your spine,
I feel this heart of mine
Melting in this rime.

As I’m gently touching
Your fine chocolate skin,
Those brown eyes are sun-setting
And the borders became thin.

Desirable lips starts kissing
Every inch of your sweet body
And our bounds are widening
Depart us from the many.

I drink and taste the red, red wine
From the back of your neck and hair,
Dwelling in the valley of your spine
And in it’s end I no longer care.

I merged my lips with yours,
Together the wine and your sap,
I sense as my body grows
As we cross over the map.

I drank and drink your sap with wine,
As your hand plays with hair of mine,
I’m lost and lose myself in brown and red
Knowing close to nothing as I play dead.

© dann bc

* picture is not mine, is from here


Comments on: "Red red wine" (2)

  1. ~meredith said:

    beautiful in every way. very touching. Meredith

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